Classic block puzzle game

This is a Simple but addictive classic game - cosmic classic block puzzle game 🚀 with additional arcade mode.

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This is a simple and interesting classic block puzzle game with additional arcade mode.

🖼️ This block puzzle game has fantastic high resolution graphics

🎶 This game has a great background soundtrack

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🕹️ Game modes
•  Classic game. This is well-known classic endless mode.
•  Arcade mode. Break gray bricks as fast as you can.

🎮 How to play this game
Blocks are falling from top of the game field.
You can move the falling block left-right and rotate it trying to fill in the row completely.
When you fill the whole row it’s exploding giving you score points.
You can always see a preview of the next block.
Game becomes faster with every level up.
Try to beat your hi-score! Keep playing the game again and again!

💡 Tips
•  exploding few rows at once will give you more score points
•  you can speed up the falling block if you press the ‘down’ button
•  you can always see the current HI-SCORE on the right panel
•  share the game with your friends using any messaging application from the main menu or pause menu

⚙️ Settings
•  Select language.
•  Adjust music and sound effects volume in the Options screen.
•  Turn on/off music and sound in this game.
•  Turn on/off vibration.

This game is free and contains advertisement.


Number of installations

46 000+

Required Android version

4.0.3 and higher

Current version



January 19, 2019


Comments from our users

Good game! I liked it very much, I recalled the times of youth. Convenient management, all class! 5 points

- Yulya Fedorchenko

Cool Tetris. Colorful design. Developers great work, keep up the good work!

- Bandon Veidor

Great app. Interface like the good old Tetris)))

- Elena Shalapugina

Beautiful Tetris, music fly away!

- Aleksandr Iudenkov